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Is there anything to entertain us while we’re waiting on our laundry?
Yes, our location has conveniently placed Smart HDTV’s, free Wi-Fi, Seating Areas, Soothing background music and in store Vending Machines.

When I drop-off my clothes for the Fluff & Fold service, do I need to separate my clothes first?
There is no need to separate your colors and whites – we will do that for you. You should, however, be sure that your socks are not balled up, and that there aren’t clothes inside of clothes, such as two shirts that you took off together, or shorts and sweats that came off together. These oversights will prevent your clothes from getting their cleanest. Our location offers both residential and commercial Drop Off services.

What about sweaters or delicates?
We will wash any item with special instructions. If you like your delicates hung or not heat dried, just let the attendant know. Please make sure that the attendant marks down any special requests.

Is Dry Cleaning available?
Yes, Boynton Laundromart is your one stop solution for all your laundry and dry cleaning needs.

What if I have special instructions for the care of my clothes – i.e. – new clothes, fear of shrinking, etc?
All special instructions need to be given to the attendant at the time of drop off. If you have a particularly fragile or delicate item, you should consider hand-washing it at home.

What if I can’t pick them up right away – how long will you hold them for me?
We know you like to get away and sometimes are in a rush. We will hold your completed clothing for 7 days and during that period we will attempt to call you.

What kind of detergent do you use?
All of our orders are done with a name brand detergent, fabric softener and dryer sheets. We also offer an oxi-bleach (non-chlorinated so it won’t fade colors) to give your clothing the extra brightening you deserve.

If I use a special detergent – can I bring it in to you and have you wash with that?
Of course, many of our clients do prefer a certain type of detergent. Feel fell free to bring a cup or two of your detergent and let our attendant know.

How much can I fit in one Machine?
We have our front-load washers in several different sizes. They handle double, triple, five loads and eight loads of wash all in one machine. This gives you the opportunity to utilize several different size washers at the same time to speed up wash day.

When is an attendant present?
We attend our store all the time to make sure the laundry is safe, clean and that they can help you with any of your laundry questions.

What if a machine breaks during my usage?
That is why we provide an attendant on site. Our attendant will be glad to restart a new machine for you if your machine does not perform up to your standards.

Do you sell merchandise in case I forgot my detergent, etc?
We sell both vending and regular size laundry products such as Gain, Tide, Roma, Ariel, Suavitel, Downy, Bounce, Oxi-Clean and Clorox. We also sell bags to take your garments home in if needed. Just ask our attendant and they will be glad to help you find the product best suited for your laundry needs.

How long does it take to do my laundry?
Our brand new, state of the art equipment works like no other machines out there. Most wash cycles take around 25 minutes, and dryer times around 30 minutes or less. This saves you time and money, aside from folding time, you’ll be finished in under an hour!

What does last wash mean?
Last wash is the time that a person can start their wash. Of course, you are allowed to remain until your clothes are dried and folded.

Is your Laundry clean?
At Boynton Laundromart, we pride ourselves on being clean! Our Attendants spend every day working to keep our store sparkling clean. We think you’ll be very impressed!