boynton beach laundromat wash dry fold


Life gets busy and leaves little to no time for things like laundry – we can take the time you don’t have to get your laundry done!

Drop off your soiled clothes and our courteous attendants will take care of everything for you including washers, detergents, softeners, dryers and dryer sheets. Once completed, we will neatly bag your clothes and have them ready for pickup!

  • We wash your clothes with a guarantee not to combine with any others

  • Always use premium¬†grade detergents, softeners and dryer sheets

  • Pants and collared shirts will be hung on hangers at your request

  • All clothes will be professionally folded and bagged

  • Special instructions and preferences will be followed and maintained for future service

We also do comforters!

Please read our Wash, Dry & Fold Terms of Service here